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When you lose the leader of your family, your beautiful mother, and are left to help your precious father move forward....well that’s a scenario I would not wish on anyone. When my mother died, I not only had to help my dad figure out how to move forward, but how to live daily, as this is a man who didn’t even text message. Daily transactions were overwhelming and the process of probating my mother’s will appeared as a foreign language to us all. I am so very thankful to Laura Beth Pleasant for her kind and professional interactions with my family. She not only made my mother’s wishes a reality for my father, but also came to help us with a medical power of attorney and will, when he was hospitalized with terminal cancer. Her work ethic is beyond exceptional, and I am so thankful she has become a trusted member of my family. The process of death does not begin or end with the funeral. Laura Beth Pleasant is the perfect person to walk with you through the rest of that journey and prepare a seamless start. My family will forever be grateful to her and her staff.


—  Dr. Karen A. Esquibel (Quintana)

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